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Exhibition Program “3331 Independents”

An Exhibition Rich in Free Ideas and Energy

An “independent” open call exhibition is one which presents work without a selection panel and without hierarchy. Here at 3331 we not only present an exhibition but also provide the opportunity to engage in heated discussion between guest commentators and participating artists in the form of a 5 hour open critique session generating encounters and dialogue between viewers and participants.


Dates: 16th September (Sun) – 8th October (Mon/Public Holiday) 2012
Hours: 12:00-19:00
Closed: on Tuesdays
Admission: Free
Venue: 1F Main Gallery, rooftop +other

* On 16th September (Sun) and 17th September (Monday/Public Holiday) a critique session will be held by a guest jury.

Participating Artists

ERI ADACHI、aomana、アトリエ水無月(野口家親子)、安藤充、新垣美奈、青木謙樹、asaru、あべかな、アーッガーッ Art Guard project アート探偵 KURO、Ai Kisaragi、伊藤嘉洋、稲垣遊、石原英介、伊藤雄基、市川ヂュン、伊藤沙由美、いけぶん、上田千晴、上光陽、えんちゃん、奥天昌樹、小野紗雪、おがたりこ、尾形雅子、オオツカリリリ、織部佳積、大塚麻理恵、大沢貴紀、小野征一郎、大原知沙、大橋新 、樫田壮一、kadpon、狩野大寿、katatria、川村元紀、川原卓也、Kenta Katakura、川上秀行、兼子紗都子、上 航、菊田美智代、木原大輔、きむらゆき、北一浩、キュンチョメ、木内さほり、kinozaru、木村俊之、木村高一郎、CLICK CRACK、工藤春香、倉田眞希、久保貴寛、くらしまはい、GENYA、kondaracing、後藤陽子、苔百虫ちろ、小泉桂子、駒場拓也、佐々木愛美、斉藤圭太、saskia maryam、satow asuka、相良裕介、坂田藍美、Sari Doi、シバミノル、白石衆、shuritto manami、清水谷衣之、島本了多、cimooru、修平、鈴木圭、杉岡栞、杉村悠佳、関口翠、園田昭彦、S-va-ha、ソメヤケンジ、Sonopuro-Nopuro、田村祐子、竹浪音羽、高谷映理子、タマキマサコ、髙橋あづさ、田口広菜、辰巳量平、tagiruka、タンゴマキコ、高松霞、竹下昇平、平慎介、武山剛士、高畑宏治、大門光、チバヒロキトチバヒロミ、JongYuGyong、角田康介、DJ無料、桃源、藤啓介、東洋子、冨澤美与、中義、長谷庄三、仲林香織、中村まさし、中塚悠希乃、中村行志、ナカムラヒトミ、夏野葉月、ななしな、丹羽亜里咲、新関創之介、ニシモトタケシ、野口健吾、希美、浜田匠、萩原卓哉、橋本訓典、八幡久美恵、Erika Hidamari、BIFROST浜野、彦坂有紀、peachonfuse、HIRONO、fukazawaAkiko & tsutsumiMari、フシ穴 西東京、福原寛也、福本綾、福岡美穂、藤林悠、藤村幹、堀康史、ponta。、松田直樹、mayu mooja!、増田ぴろよ、松原麻衣、丸山恵実、宮坂絵美、micarinko、みさこ、宮本和之、三毛あんり、宮田聡志、水田茂夫、三宅正文、村田幹男、megumi ∞ love、metalman、本手保行、森裕子、森万希子、山田はるか、山下由貴、山口としあき、山田はじめ、山本あヤ、山口慧里子、yasiyo、yoshida21size、rie okajima、Reika、Reito and Koh、渡辺静子、渡部剛、渡辺恵、wknmh、渡辺りうよ、Fabian Freese、Humzah Goolam、ll0l、Jade Gordon、Joel Plunkett、Olivia Boa、Thomas C. Chung、ひなみ、さぎたにふみ

Public Critique Session

Date: 16th September (Sunday), 17th September (Monday/Public Holiday) 2012
Hours: 13:00-18:00
Venue: 1F Main Gallery
Guest Jury:
Jun Aoki (Architect)
Takashi Higashitani (Independent Curator)(Website)
Ryota Kuwakubo (Media Artist)
Meo Saito (Artist)(Website)
Naoki Sato (ASYL Art Director, 3331 Design Director, Tama Art University Associate Professor)
Yuko Shiomi (NPO Arts Initiative Tokyo (AIT) Director)(Website)
Yuichi Mori (Head of MORI YU GALLERY)(Website)
Masato Nakamura (Artist, General Director of 3331)(Website)

  • If you wish your work to be included in the critique session please indicate in your application which day you wish to join
    * Depending on the number of people wishing to join each session the administrators may adjust this date
  • As there is a limitation of time, if there is a large number of participating artists then each comment may be rather short
  • It is not possible to select a judge to critique your work
  • General visitors may also listen to the critique session


6th September (Thursday), 7th September (Friday) 2012 To be delivered in the morning (please request this to your delivery service)

8th September (Sat), 9th September (Sunday) 2012 13:00-18:00


By post:
We will return it by post (payment of cost on delivery) within October (for those sending from overseas please consult us)
* Please include the “chakubarai” (payment of cost on delivery) form when you send the work for exhibition

Self Collection:
8th October (Monday/Public Holiday) 18:00-20:00, 9th October (Tuesday) 13:00-18:00
* Self delivery/collection is restricted to those who can bring the work themselves and then collect on the stipulated dates


2D, 3D, moving image, installation, outdoor sculpture etc.

Art Work Category (Each artist/group is restricted to 1 work)

< Indoor Exhibition >

Category Participation Fee Size (LxWxH/D) Weight
A 5,000 yen Within 1,000mm x 1,000mm x 600mm Under 25kg
B 10,000 yen Within 2,000mm x 1,500mm x 1,000mm Under 25kg
C 30,000 yen Within 2,300mm x 3,000mm x 1,000mm Under 200kg

< Outdoor Exhibition >

Category Participation Fee Size (LxWxH/D) Weight
D 5,000 yen Within 1,000mm x 1,000mm x 2,400mm Under 50kg
E 30,000 yen Within 2,400mm x 2,400mm x 3,600mm Under 100kg

Submission Rules

  • When making your submission please include 1) A plan of how the work will be displayed 2)An image or sketch of the work 3)Diagram of exhibition method
  • Those applying in the D or E category must install the work themselves. (For your reference the elevator size is = 1050mm (width) x 2000mm (depth) x 2300mm (height) The entrance door of which is 800mm wide x 2000mm heigh.
  • There is no electricity on the rooftop
  • If the contents of the work is unclear then we may withhold from exhibiting it
  • In the case of moving image work or work which includes equipment, please supply all required equipment yourself, and hand in an instruction list of how to switch on and off this equipment to 3331 staff when you install the work. Please note projectors can not be used.
  • Please arrange all plinths and equipment yourself
  • In the case of a series of work, please make sure it fits within the outlined restrictions
  • You may not change the work from that which is proposed in your submission

Important Notice

  • As there is a restriction of wall space it may be the case that the open call is closed before the deadline if this limit is reached
  • In both cases of sending the work by post or delivering it yourself, the position of the work will be decided by 3331 staff who will also install the work
    * Depending on the proposed plan we may require the artist to install the work themselves, in which case we will contact you directly
  • For those who wish their work to be returned to them by post, in the case of failing to receive it within 3 months, then it may be destroyed and an invoice for which will be issued
  • The lighting of the exhibition will be decided and arranged by 3331 staff
  • It is not permitted to present work with strong odour, the use of fire, or dangerous materials
  • We will handle the work with our upmost care, but will not be held responsible for any damage encountered during installation/deinstallation or the exhibition period itself
  • Work submitted in category D and E will be presented upon the rooftop. During the market event the work will continue to be presented amongst the market stalls.
  • Work which is deemed to cause public offence or disturb public order will not be exhibited
  • We will respect the copyrights of all artists but ask that work which may be photographed for publicity be submitted to this call

Application Deadline

5th August (Sunday) 2012

* After the deadline all submissions will be issued with a receipt number and details of the bank account to which the participation fee must be submitted
* If the limit of submissions is reached before the deadline then the open call will be brought to an early close, therefore please submit your application as soon as possible.


Those whose work is selected by visitor ballot and jury panel will have the opportunity to show their work at 3331 in an exhibition in 2013.