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Stage Program “Odorinoba”

From dance to performing art, a place of free performative expression

“Odorinoba” is a stage program open to performance of all genres, with a rotation of 30 different presentations of 5 mins/10mins/15 mins, each being separately critiqued by a jury of special guests.

Dates: 29th September (Sat), 30th September (Sun) 2012
Hours: 13:00-16:00
Admission: Free
Venue: 1F Community Space (Stage:4m x 6m)


▼29th September
・空(utsubo)( Link1Link2
・大橋可也&ダンサーズ( Link1Link2
・Kadamb Japan( Link1Link2Link3Link4
・カワムラアツノリ( Link1Link2
・グーチョキパーズ( Link1
・さよなら、ドアーズ( Link1Link2
・誠雲居合( Link1Link2
・鳥公園( Link1Link2
・ねねむ( Link1Link2
・政岡由衣子( Link1

▼30th September
・飯塚友浩( Link1
・いだくろ(井田亜彩実・黒田なつ子)( Link1Link2Link3Link4Link5
・かえるP( Link1Link2
・吟子( Link1Link2
・倉内真梨子( Link1
・小嶋一郎( Link1Link2
・ttu( Link1
・濱田陽平( Link1
・migrant( Link1
・山田歩( Link1Link2
・横手祐樹( Link1


Public Critique Session

Each performance will also be critiqued by a guest jury, but due to the restrictions of time this may be limited to a short comment

Guest Jury:Kim Ito (Choreographer, dancer), Yasuo Ozawa (Japan Performance / Art Institute, Producer), Atsushi Sasaki (Critic) + others


The group/individual(s) selected by the jury panel will be offered the opportunity to use 3331’s sports for a total of 30 days between Ocotber 2012-September 2013 for the purpose of their rehearsals. This is limited to 10:00-17:00 on week days. (This must be negotiated with other rental events). Furthermore they will be provided the chance to present their own performance in 2012 (dates etc. will be subject to consultation)

Stage Images


Physical Performance

Participation Fee (each artist/group is restricted to 1 performance)

5 min 10 min 15min
5,000 yen 8,000 yen 10,000 yen

Participation Rules

  • There is no restriction to age, gender or number of people in the group
  • We request that participants are able to swiftly respond to requests for a meeting before the event
  • For those wishing to have musical accompaniment please edit the sound and prepare it on 1 CD
  • Each group is restricted to the use of 1 CD for musical accompaniment. It is not possible to use your own media player.
  • For those who wish to use instruments please indicate this in your application
  • The use of strong odours, fire or dangerous materials is not permitted

Important Notice

  • Depending on the number of submissions and their contents some applications may not be accepted
  • We aim to inform all applicants of the outcome of their submission and dates/times of the performance by 10th August (Friday)
  • A changing room is available but there is no shower
  • There are no curtains or screens around the stage
  • Lighting is fixed and can not be adjusted
  • A linoleum mat is spread across the wooden floor to form the stage
  • We reserve the right to refuse any submission which may cause public offence or disorder
  • For the purposes of publicity and documentation the event will be filmed and photographed

Application Deadline

20th July 2012

* After the deadline all submissions will be issued with a receipt number and details of the bank account to which the participation fee must be submitted
* If the limit of submissions is reached before the deadline then the open call will be brought to an early close, therefore please submit your application as soon as possible.