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Market Program “Whole Arts Market”

Enjoy Art! Two days of enjoying “creating”

A special market is appearing for two days only on the 3331 rooftop. From goods, to clothes, to food, plants, books, a whole range of items produced by artists from different fields will sell products directly. The concept this year is “a day to enjoy making”. Workshops will also make an appearance to form two days coloured with encounters and inspiration.

Dates: 22nd September (Sat), 23rd September (Sun) 2012
Time: Market/11:00-18:00、Admission Free Party (On 2nd day only – participation fee required)/18:00-19:30
Venue: Rooftop (In case of rain it will be held in the sports hall / 1F community space)

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(In Japanese only) With the latest information on participants and updates from the organizers


★W★……WORKSHOP/★F★……FOOD/★P★……PREFECTURE(regional goods)/★S★……SPECIAL(very big stalls!)

▼22nd October
aki-k、a lot、Oja Room、かいちゃんとmumemo展、kuwakaw、小林幸、that's all、新感覚研究所、susumu ceramics works、靖-sei、関太一郎、sorahana、長女(HIBARINO STORE と わちとうこ)、Nakamura Kanako、nasca、pancompany、hiderino、ファンシーグラフィック、Felicita!、フリマ物語、mionakano、Yui Ishikawa、よしかわしんぺい、rie okajima、ritsumami、ワカフジマイコ、WATT/★W★小原一洋/★F★GLY OFFICE、ハミングバードテーブル

▼23rd September
あっくんとビーマンじい、AYA、襟草丁、LPOE、otana、おれんじでいず、佳、キノッピ社、shei's market、Jesso G.、刺しゅうアトリエ・リグレック、snap、田村祐子+小林雪の、ちっちfm×nyamunyamu、富永大士、nut、niconoco、23 / いぐちふみ、Necology、padma design、Parallel、vzpom!nka、Provisional Tempo、まち、Mademoiselle Yako、モ・ブックス、mochi、le-petite-mocha. /★W★KRC、toco toco/★F★Electic Coffee Stand、MOTENA -table jouney- "POPS"、MOMOE&知識ジャム/★P★一般社団法人配財プロジェクト、日本で最も美しい村から

▼22nd and 23rd September
A、ウダデンシ、OWLMAN、OPI、おてもと図案部、OM CHAN TONE オムチャントーン、おもひで学舎、片倉謙太・吉澤壮司、きりりん、good morning family、QLICO、フリーペーパー『好物』、コバ印、さいみん、366 CANDLES、Juriology、しろくらげ。、SUPERCALI +、studio BOWL/えみにまる、千石空房、Tieh Candle&feel's candle、NiJi$uKe、のまあきふみ、happ(w)rapp、はらぺこめがね、ひかりバンビ、PORT、macha、万工房、mercredin、rishta、レイコモノ/★F★SAC about cookies、Sunshine Grown、ゼロダテ×WE LOVE AKITA、築地の豆屋、BUBBLE STAND/★P★離島経済新聞/★S★xChange、ウダデンシ、松柏商店

Installation / Deinstallation

Installation and de-installation is required by each participant each day. There is no car parking available so please use coin parking lots in the vicinity. It is not possible to install/de-install outside of the event days.

Installation De-installation
9:00-10:30 Day 1 / 18:00-20:00
Day 2 / 19:30-21:00


Sales Group Workshop Group
Suitable for those who wish to vend art, plants, books, clothes, work and collections of a wide genre Suitable for those who can take on the role of “teacher” and instruct others how to make things

Participation Fee

General Booth Workshop Booth
4,000 yen per day 4,000 yen per session

Participation Rules

  • All items required for the presentation of goods including sheets, utensils, sun shade tents etc. must be prepared by the participants themselves (We have desks and chairs available for rent. Details of this will be shared after the participants have been confirmed)
  • It is not possible to put posts, nails, screws etc into the ground
  • We can not accept the participation of professional clothing companies/traders
  • The handling of goods, and management of money and valuables is the responsibility of each participant

Important Notice

  • As there is a limit to the number of participants it may be that the open call is closed in advance when all places have been filled
  • We will not be held responsible for any damage, theft or accident encountered in participation in this event
  • The position of each booth will be decided by the organizers
  • We do not provide sun shade tents etc. so please prepare such shade yourself
  • Within the market site in one area there will also be presented sculpture from the exhibition program
  • We reserve the right to refuse proposals which may cause public offence or disorder
  • For the purposes of publicity and documentation the event will be filmed and photographed
  • The party is intended to encourage exchange between the various participating artists. Reservation is required and will incur a participation fee.

Area of each booth

2m x 2m (tbc)

Application Deadline

20th July (Friday) 2012

* After the deadline all submissions will be issued with a receipt number and details of the bank account to which the participation fee must be submitted
* If the limit of submissions is reached before the deadline then the open call will be brought to an early close, therefore please submit your application as soon as possible.