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Application for Exhibition "3331 Independents"

In its first year “3331 Independents” brought together over 350 works in 3331’s main gallery. It is usually the case in such an open call submission that works are presented without hierarchy, but 3331 also provides a scholarship program for select artists nominated by visitors and jury panel. Winners of this scholarship will have the opportunity to present their work in “Gallery B” in a short exhibition from April 2012.
The selection will be based on a popularity vote held during the exhibition period, the selection of a jury of guest artists and professionals during a public critic session, and the rigorous selection of the 3331 staff. Results will be announced after the exhibition.

Date: 3rd (Sat) - 19th (Mon, Public Holiday)
Public Critic Session: 10th (Sat), 11th (Sun) September
Venue:1F Main Gallery,1F Lounge

Application Details

2-D, sculpture, video, installation

  • Work with different parts (when one artwork consists of more than one work) should be no bigger than width 100× height 200× depth 100cm.
  • For video artwork, where the work has requirements for the start-up and end, all necessary equipment must be brought by the applicant, and easy-to-follow instructions should be provided to 3331 at the time of installation (projectors cannot be used).
  • In the case of installations, an illustration (a drawing or sketch) explaining the set-up must be included in the application.
  • Works which produce bad odors, involve fire, or are considered hazardous cannot be exhibited.
  • If works require a stand or other equipment, participants are required to prepare beforehand.

Participation Fee
(one artwork by an individual or group is counted as one submission)

[ Group A ] [ Group B ]
5,000yen 30,000yen
No larger than width 150xheight 200xdepth 100cm
max. weight per work 25kg
No larger than width 150-300xheight 230xdepth 100cm
max. weight per work 200kg

Application Requirements

Provided participation fees are paid promptly, and due responsibility is taken for the production, content, and display of the work, anyone is able to submit work for the critic session and display in the exhibition.

How to Apply

Please download the application form from the website and send it along with an image of the work and other required materials to info@en.3331.jp (if more than 5mb please send by file share service)

Deadline for submissions

1st August 2011 (must arrive on this date)
*Confirmation of the receipt of applications and bank transfer details will be sent the following day.
*In the case that all availability is filled before this date, the open call will be closed earlier.

Points to consider

  • As there are limitations to the walls of the exhibition space, the open call may be closed earlier than advertised.
  • Decisions about the placement of work in the space will be made by 3331, regardless of whether work is posted or brought directly by the participant. *Depending on the artwork plan, participants may be free to set their own work.
  • Every effort will be made to preserve the original condition of the work, but should there be any damages incurred due to accidents during installation or exhibition, please understand that 3331 cannot take any responsibility.
  • Copyright of work is held by the participants, but 3331 asks permission to use photos and video of the work for the purpose of publicity and documentation.

Installation of artwork

By post - 27th August (Sat) to arrive in the morning (no companies designated)
Brought by participant - 27th August (Sat) between 10:30 and 18:00


By post - Payments made on delivery will be returned in September. ( please fill out the return address on a COD form, and place in an envelope posted together with the artwork)
Collected by participant - 20th September (Tue) 18:00 - 20:00, 21st September (Wed) 10:30 - 15:00
*Installation and de-installation of work is limited to the participants themselves on the specified days.


Date: 3rd (Sat) - 19th (Mon, Public Holiday)
Venue: 1F Main Gallery,1F Lounge

Public Critic Session

As the session time is limited, there may only be short comments made about works on display. Comments from the audience are also possible.
The method of the commentary will be announced by 10th August.

Date: 10th (Sat), 11th (Sun) September 13:00-17:00
Venue: 1F main Gallery
Jury Guests:
10th September (Sat)
Sawaragi Noi (art critic)
Nakamura Masato (artist/director of 3331)
Hachiya Kazuhiko (media artist)
Tachibana Fumio (artist/graphic designer)

11th September (Sun)
O JUN (painter)
Sato Naoki (designer, 3331 artistic director)
Sawaragi Noi (art critic)
Shikata Yukiko (media art curator)
Tachibana Fumio (artist/graphic designer)
Nakamura Masato (artist/director of 3331)
Hachiya Kazuhiko (media artist)

Guest Introduction

Igarashi Taro
Born in Paris, 1967. architectural history/ Architecture critic. Currently lectures at Tohoku University.

Born in Tokyo, 1956. Painter. Currently lectures at Tokyo University of the Arts. Has recently organized a number of exhibitions.

Sato Naoki
Born in Tokyo. Art director, ASYL director, lecturer at Tama Art University. A wide range of activities involve both 2-dimensional and site-specific works.

Sawaragi Noi
Born in Chichibu City, Sakitama prefecture. Art critic and lecturer at Tama Art University. Books include 'Nihon・Gendai・Bijutsu'. Recent publications include 'Han-ron Nyumon'.

Shikata Yukiko
Born in Kyoto.Media art curator. Lectures at Tokyo University of Art and Design, and Tama Art University.

Tachibana Fumio
Born in Hiroshima, 1968. Words, paper, and books are the materials and themes he uses in his work.
Chief editor and designer of 'Globe' (5th publication is currently in preparation), and recently published 'Kazashimo/Tachibana Fumio'.

Nakamura Masato
Born in Odate City, Akita prefecture. Director of 3331, lecturer at Tokyo University of the Arts. As artist he has developed a number of society-based projects.

Hachiya Kazuhiko
Born and lives in Saga Prefecture. Established PetWORKS.Co., Ltd, creates media artwork, software, and organizes various events such as the 'Geiger Counter Meeting'.


Artists selected by jury guests and visitors will present their work in an exhibition in "Gallery B" from April 2012.